Skype Interview Coaching

skype-logo-300x139✓ No Traveling – Get In-Person Attention
✓ Complete Critique of Your Interview Style
✓ Great Way to Prepare for Internet Interviews
✓ Great Results!


This 2-Session Package Includes:

  • One phone session (45 minutes)
  • Followed by a LIVE Skype session – practice and critique (2 Hours)
  • Recorded link sent to you for viewing

Materials: Link to workbook and three mp3’s to download plus exercises that will help you focus and prepare to present yourself in a succinct, organized manner.

Telephone Session: 45-minute phone session when you and your coach will work on your “Tell me about yourself” – Your coach will write, summarize, and send you “5 key points” for you to focus on when asked about your skills, traits, abilities and experiences. (See examples above in Option 1). The next step is your personal video rehearsal via Skype.

Personal Statement Written for You: We will personally write “Your 5 points” so that you can answer any question that fall into the “Tell me about yourself” category based on the information from the exercises you do for our first session.

Skype Coaching: Two hours of personal coaching where you will be video-taped and coached toward greater self-confidence. We will cover all the basic questions – plus any questions concerning your situation that you would like to give special attention to. You will receive a link to view your performance with the coach’s critique.

The sessions will take place over SKYPE and will be recorded. You will be sent two recordings – one of your mock interview and one of the critique by the coach. You can review and study both your actions and the critique provided by the coach. We have found that clients are their hardest critics.

Feedback: We will also give you straightforward feedback and help you with the strategy that you will use to show the interviewer that you are the “best candidate for the job.”

Follow-up: You can also send your coach questions by email before and after our sessions.

Coaching Sessions: 45-minute telephone session and one 2-hour Skype coaching session – will be tailored to suit your needs.



*Your Personal Statement is equivalent to a “Product Sheet” and you are the product. Your Personal Statement will describe “You” and “Your Expertise, your Strengths, your Work Ethic and your Personal Traits,” which you will be able to answer open-ended questions like: “Tell me about yourself,” or “Why should we hire you?” or “What makes you unique?” This has been a very helpful tool for clients to keep them focused on a structured and well thought out answer.



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Coaching Package 2

1 Session Phone Coaching


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Coaching Package 3

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