Customized Coaching

skype-logo-300x139✓ No Traveling – Get In-Person Attention
✓ Complete Critique of Your Interview Style
✓ Great Way to Prepare for Internet Interviews
✓ Great Results!


45-minute phone session when you and your coach will work on your “Tell me about yourself” – Your coach will write, summarize, and send you “5 key points” for you to focus on when asked about your skills, traits, abilities and experiences. The next step is your personal video rehearsal via Skype…

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Other Coaching Packages


Coaching Package 1


2 Session Phone Coaching


Two 50-minute interview coaching sessions where we will cover the basic interview questions plus any questions that are a problem or concern for you. We will meet in a Virtual Conference Room and our session will be recorded. The links will be sent to you for you to listen to at your…

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Coaching Package 2


1 Session Phone Coaching


One 80-minute session that will be tailored to suit your needs. “What are the issues that you are confronting or would like to work on?” We will talk about strategy and techniques; and/or cover any questions that you want feedback or advice on. We will meet in a Virtual Conference…

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Coaching Package 3


1 Session In-Person Coaching


One 50-minute phone session where we will work on your “Tell me about yourself” answer – we will personally summarize, write and send your Personal Statement to you. When asked specific questions about your skills, traits, abilities or experiences you can also…

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Coaching Package 4


Laser Focused Job Specific Interview Coaching


Two 120 minute sessions of In-Person laser focused Coaching where you will be video-taped and coached toward greater self-confidence. Video conferencing may also be available. We will cover the basic and job specific questions…

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